Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Update on syncing my Treo 750 PDA phone:

There is at least additional software on the install CD to enable synching via Bluetooth - yeah right, like the Bluetooth stack is renowned for its rock-solid reliability and compatibility...

Well I wasn't too hopeful, but after the usual multitude of notifications about this, that and the other Bluetooth device all with individual (uncertified - of course) drivers, I got everything installed; and it all works!

Now, with only the occasional hiccup/lockup/Task Manager kill off (it is Bluetooth after all), I have a way of syncing and transferring stuff, albeit at modem speeds (well it is Bluetooth after all).

So although I won't be moving too many large files over to use in Picsel's dinky PDF viewer or ripping any DVDs to its miniSD card, I do at least have a way of getting stuff on and off the thing and a way of backing it up.